Treatments and Prices

If you have any questions regarding any of our treatments or the products we use please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are always happy to talk about treatments!

Inlight Organic Facial                                                                                                    Inlight products work to cleanse, clear and refresh both inside and out, they help to re-connect us with ourselves, rebalance our energies and bring forth our inner radiance.  This treatment perfectly complements the purity, quality and effectiveness of the Inlight products. Within the hour and quarter treatment you will benefit from the use of traditional Ayurvedic points and Lymphatic drainage techniques allowing your brain to release tensions, regain balance and find serenity.Inlight Chocolate Face Mask Jar+Box

1 hour £70

                                                                                                                                          Apollo Awakening Massage                                                                                         The ultimate indulgence for massage lovers, with Polynesian roots this hour long four-handed treatment has been reviewed as ‘awakening a part of the brain that had laid dormant for years’ and a ‘sensory explosion’. Our two therapists work in a seamless wave-like flow to induce a profound awakening of your senses; re-connecting energy pathways from your core to tips of your toes.

1 hour £135

Holistic Massage                                                                                                              Massage alleviates the effects of stress by inducing deep relaxation. These realms of relaxation and peace help the body balance itself and allow healing energy to flow freely and smoothly throughout. Deeper or lighter techniques can be incorporated to cater for your health & needs at the time. The massage includes back, legs, abdomen, face, arms & scalp.

1 hour   £75

Aromatherapy                                                                                                                                                             Essential oils extracted from plants possess distinctive therapeutic properties that can help improve both physical and emotional wellbeing. Although the oils are extracted from nature, they are powerful, so advice on their use at home needs to be noted and they should only be used on you.

1 hour   £80

Inlight Body Embrace
A full body massage treatment inspired by and incorporating Inlights arnica body oil.  This beautiful oil is applied in wave like strokes, complemented by acupressure points for whole body tonification and the introduction of crystals  to harmonize vibrations.  Inducing a deeply restful, luxurious and uplifting experience and a divine treat for the skin.
1 ½ hours | £95

Indonesian Massage                                                                                                                                                                                                     Indonesian Massage is a strong oil based massage consisting of relaxing and deep tissue techniques such as acupressure, reflexology, aromatherapy, frictions and passive stretching. Indonesian massage aims to work each muscle of the body thoroughly to give the ultimate muscle facia release which helps to effectively relieve aches and pains. This in turn results in deep relaxation.

1 hour £80, 1½ hours £95

Lomi Lomi Massage                                                                                                        The traditional massage of the Hawaiian islands, Lomi Lomi has been likened to ocean waves rolling over the body.  This massage is applied with long, gentle, rhythmic strokes and gentle but uplifting oils to induce total peace and calm in the receiver and to invoke the spirit of Aloha (Love).  A deeply relaxing and healing treatment.

1 hour £80, 1 ½ hour £95

Thai Massage                                                                                                                    Rhythmical pressure and gentle stretches.  Thai massage rocks, squeezes, presses and pulls you into a state of tranquil wellbeing. A dynamic massage experience unlike any other. The massage is performed fully clothed at ground level on a comfortable futon mat.  It is essential to wear loose comfortable clothing.

1 hour £80, 1½ hour £95

Chavutti Thirumal
A deep tissue massage from the south of India unique in the fact that the therapist works almost entirely with their feet, using the arch, heel and toes to work into the contours of the body and literally iron out tension. The main focus of Chavutti Thirumal is to increase flexibility, maintain suppleness and relieve muscle pain. It is a thorough and deep treatment for those who enjoy strong pressure, which is not only relaxing and rejuvenating, it also has the same benefits as attending a yoga class
1 hour | £80
1½ hours | £95

Essentials Experience                                                                                                    This one-off indulgent Aromatherapy treatment focuses on expanding your awareness of the complex interplay of mind, body and spirit and the power of the body to heal itself and cope with prolonged stress. Your special blend of essential oils created for you can be used later at home to help revisit the happy memory of the treatment. An ideal gift for someone who believes their sense of smell is one of their most significant senses.

2 hours £115

Reflexology                                                                                                                                                            Reflexology is a therapy that highlights imbalances in different parts of the body. Techniques used on the feet in Reflexology can break down these blockages and help cleanse the body by flushing out toxins. Reflexology is a powerful antidote to stress, neutralising and even preventing its insidious effects. This treatment relieves a variety of symptoms for many conditions by boosting internal systems to help maintain health.

1 hour  £70

Thai Foot Massage                                                                                                      Combining the techniques of classical reflexology and Thai foot massage, this treatment begins with a foot soak or scrub to soothe and freshen your feet.  Base oil or essential oils are then selected and applied to the lower legs and feet with massage strokes and specific reflex work using the thumbs and a traditional wooden Thai massage stick.

1 hour £75

Inlight Menopausal Uplift Treatment                                                                        The Inlight balms used within this leg treatment help to combat signs of ageing by promoting the health of the protective layer of your skin. The techniques used help stimulate circulation and the detoxification processes of the skin. The 55 minute treatment will help to induce deep relaxation on both a physical and psychological level to enhance your mood and promote self esteem.

1 hour £60

Inlight Foot and Leg Balm - revive & restore



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