Four handed Massage

Apollo Awakening                                                                                                           The ultimate indulgence for massage lovers, with Polynesian roots this hour long four-handed treatment has been reviewed as ‘awakening a part of the brain that had laid dormant for years’ and ‘the massage therapy that brings you energy’. Two therapists work in a seamless wave-like flow to induce a profound awakening of your senses; re-connecting energy pathways from your core to tips of your toes. Using Inlights skin regenerating Arnica Body oil with calendula and patchouli.

‘They seem to have practised this therapy to Olympic standard, their hands massage either side of my legs and back in brisk, then gentle wave-like motions; performed in almost poetic synchronicity.’ Cornwall Today. 

1 hour £135

Herculean Deep Tissue Massage  4 handeds upright                                           A four-handed deep tissue massage choreographed with wave-like moves to reflect the calming nature of our southerly bays.  Incorporated within the hour’s treatment are stretches to release tightness, precision work on major muscle groups to relax overworked fibres all of which is brought together with a synchronicity that ebbs and flows to calm even the busiest of minds. Using Inlights Organic Firm and Tone oil.

1 hour £135

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